Gorman & Company Climbs AHF Magazine’s Top 50 Developers

Jun 18, 2024 | All News, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Market, Resident Impact, Southeast, Wisconsin

Over the past four decades, Gorman & Company has brought its valuable expertise to the table among public and private partners in a joint effort to revitalize communities through sustainable housing solutions.

Our community revitalization achievements have aided in our recognition as an industry leader. However, what has propelled us into this honorable position is Gorman & Company’s commitment to upholding our integrity and placing our residents first amongst industry changes and market struggles, a tradition since our inception.

Our advancement in the AHF Top 50 Affordable Housing Developers Survey is due in part to our collaborative relationships with public and private partners as well as our media partners. This year, we are proud to place 7th in the Top 50 Affordable Housing Developers of 2023.

We’re proud to be an industry leader. Here’s why:

  • Integrity – We know we can not solve the demand for affordable housing alone. That’s why we are honored to share the stage and join forces with municipalities, governmental organizations, and nonprofits.
  • Innovation – Our fully integrated firm is positioned to quickly implement innovative solutions when volatile rate increases threaten pipeline projects. Gorman’s steadfast community partnerships provide unwavering support, allowing our team to focus on providing quality housing to communities nationwide.
  • Community – Gorman & Company has the commitment, passion, and capacity to deliver even more housing units. However, housing resources are limited. We will continue to work with federal, state, and local stakeholders to ensure our nation’s housing needs are met so people can live, work, and thrive.
  • Impact
    • $2.9 billion in total development costs
    • 40 historic projects
    • 3 historic hotels
    • 13,264 total units built (11,301 LIHTC units)
    • 165 projects in 12 states
    • Nearly 700 employees nationwide

Want to learn more? Find out how Gorman & Company is making a positive impact in our communities.

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