Board of Directors

Gorman & Company’s Board of Directors represent shareholder interests, thereby setting corporate priorities and clear expectations for management and defining parameters for the operations of the firm.

Members of the Board include senior staff, Brian Swanton, CEO, Mike Redman, CFO, and Laura Narduzzi, Director of Operations. They bring detailed knowledge of the day-to-day operations of the company. Gary Gorman, Chair of the Board of Directors, is the former CEO and Tom Capp is Vice Chair; both provide expansive knowledge of the business and industry and bring that expertise to Board discussions. There are three well-respected business leaders who bring significant professional and relational experience to the discussions. The final board member, Dennis Davidsaver, is the trustee of the family trust which owns the majority of company stock. Dennis brings years of banking experience and represents the interests of the beneficiaries of the trust.

Gary Gorman

Tom Capp
Vice Chairman & Chief Strategy Officer

Laura Narduzzi
Employee Shareholder Representative

Dennis Davidsaver

Robert Buhler

Tom Klein

Tim Riddiough

Brian Swanton
President & CEO

Michael Redman