Once Classrooms, Now Housing: Hill Street School Preserves Heritage and Revitalizes Globe, AZ

Oct 30, 2023 | Accessible Affordable Housing, All News, Arizona, Market

A transformation is underway in Globe, Arizona, where an obsolete school is preserved. Gorman & Company is at the helm of the Hill Street School Apartments project and held a commencement of construction ceremony in September.

This historic preservation and neighborhood transformation promises revitalization and the creation of vibrant mixed-income apartments. It starts with Hill Street School, a historic schoolhouse nestled in Gila County. It long stood as a testament to the region’s rich cultural legacy. Gorman & Company will restore this architectural gem where classrooms become redefined living spaces for seniors.

One of the standout features of Hill Street School Apartments is inclusivity. The development will offer mixed-income apartments, ensuring a diverse range of families and individuals can call it home. This inclusivity will not only enrich the community fabric but also promote social cohesion, creating an environment where everyone has an opportunity to thrive.

It’s one of the many features Gorman & Company focuses on after engaging with local stakeholders to understand the community’s unique needs. This project preserves history, honors the past, and builds a better future for the Globe community.

“Gorman & Company is very pleased to work with the City of Globe to restore this beautiful school, which represents the rich history of the area while providing high-quality, affordable housing for seniors who do not have many housing options and are within walking distance to many of the amenities in downtown.”

Sally Schwenn, Arizona Market President for Gorman & Company

The commencement of construction marked a significant milestone in Globe. Hill Street School will be reborn in the coming months, symbolizing historic preservation, community engagement, unity, and revitalization.

Stay tuned for Hill Street School Apartments’ grand renaissance.

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