Gary, IN Marks New Era for Mosby Senior Apartments

Nov 23, 2022 | Illinois, Resident Impact

“Gary Mayor Jerome Prince, representatives from the Gary Housing Authority, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development joined officials from affordable housing director Gorman & Co. to use golden sledgehammers Tuesday to break through a symbolic wall at the Carolyn Mosby Senior Hi-Rise.

The effort represented the end of the senior housing development’s place in the GHA inventory and the launching of a public-private partnership between the agency and Gorman to bring a $22-million renovation effort to what will become the Carolyn Mosby Senior Apartments affordable private senior living community,

“It’s been a long time coming. I’d like to thank the residents for being patient with us. You are the sole reason we are all here,” Taryl Bonds, GHA executive director.

Ron Clewer, Indiana marketing president with Gorman, said work on the project started in 2017. It was a long process and a lot was required to move the property out of HUD inventory. Efforts to move the partnership forward began before Bonds took his role at the helm of the GHA and before Clewer joined Gorman. He previously worked as executive director of the Rockford, Illinois, Housing Authority.

“This means a lot to these residents. They deserve this. I’m happy to see some of the changes the partnership with Gorman brings,” Bonds said.

Rickie Keith, who is on the resident commission with the GHA, echoed Bonds. She said she lived in the building for five years and was around in 2017 when the first conversations began.

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